Hanford Area Workers
We’ve worked with hundreds of engineers, contractors, and skilled trade employees working at the Hanford Area. We are intimately familiar with your benefits, 401(k) and pension options...
Business owners have to eat too!
Your time is best spent running your business. Our job is to take the burden of financial planning off your shoulders, so you can be as productive as possible in your day-to-day work life.
Monthly Educational Workshops For You & Your Family
We make an educational difference! Base Camp is a monthly, open-house workshop that helps provide our clients with relevant information that is valuable to the successful completion of their financial plans.
Are You Prepared For Retirement?
Our retirement planning process helps make sure you have enough money to support what you want to do when it comes to your financial freedom.
We Adapt To Your Occupation
We work with many diverse occupations and employers, giving us the knowledge to build a comprehensive plan that fits your specific needs.





Hanford Area




Welcome to Pacific Crest Planning.

We provide comprehensive, holistic retirement and financial planning services to individuals and businesses.

We help people from all different walks of life and occupations, but have extensive experience and specialization in working with Hanford Area workers, business owners, and medical professionals. 


Our Mission

We are Devoted to Serving our Clients and Communities by Providing Clarity and Inspiring Confidence in their Financial Futures.

We Teach. We Coach. We Counsel.


Have Questions?

We can help you answer these questions:

  1. Can I afford to retire?
  2. How much income can I expect in retirement?
  3. Where will my income come from?
  4. What decisions will I need to make with my resources?
  5. What risks could impact my financial security?
  6. How do I manage those risks?
  7. How do I put it all together?

Our Approach

In many cases, old style “financial planning” was really about creating a story that sells…when you peeled back the covers, it was just company employees trying to sell you their proprietary products.

We are an independent financial planning firm. We are not aligned with proprietary products or solutions.  Instead of simply buying financial products, we want our clients to buy into the importance of having a written, holistic financial plan and a financial education.  The holistic financial planning process then helps us determine which investment products may make sense for our clients to consider to complete their financial plan.

At the end of the day, buying financial products is less important than sticking to a financial plan.  With our regular, ongoing advice, we work to help our clients keep focused on their long-term goals and plans rather than being tempted to constantly rearrange their chosen investments based on short-term market predictions.



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